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Steam discounts by sowayan on Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:59 pm
Goat Simulator with the MMO was on sale for $5. It was totally worth it, that game is lots of laughs!

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ArmA 3 mission by gobi42 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:54 pm
So for some time now i have been working making my own mission for arma 3. While the old arma 3 server was up we ran a a3wasteland mission that i modified to make it more coop based, but then issues in my personal life forced me to shut down the server. Shortly after i started working on a custom mission. At first i wanted it to be just like a version of a wasteland mission. As the days have passed the mission is slowly taking form. i choose to go old school for the map, by using Chernarus of course. The wasteland mission used stores and made you buy gear, to add a survival feel to it. The big difference is a true wasteland mission you only have to worry about ai while at mission points on the map, and other players. I choose to get rid of the money and the food and drink, cause lets be honest, you just want to shoot things in the face. So for this i have added shops that consist of a virtual arsenal module (basically you can use virtual and load saved load outs and save custom made loadouts,...

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New to Gunslingers by Hawkcrest on Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:32 pm
So, this will be my first Blog in this forum. Let me begin by saying, I like the professionalism shown by Gobi in addressing my issues. I look forward to meeting new people and devloping new relationships. Im looking for a semi serious team interested in dominating PUBG with military like precision. hit me up if your interested in doing the same.

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Random thought from watching too much TV by Merky Water on Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:07 am
Can't Redbull just change it's slogan by now to "It gives you balls!"

wings just seems less and less to do with their advertising campaign

(this and ways of coming about world peace were on my mind... so obviously, i posted the more pressing matter)

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WHY BE PETTY????? by Loony4233 on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:12 am
Ok, I'm sorry for going on my little rant but I wondered why not just get it out on my first blog so here it goes...

WHY IN THE HECK DO I GET BANNED FROM SITES FOR PROMOTING MY GROUP AS WELL AS THERE SITE?!?! I mean come on.. I can't recruit people on Your SO CALLED "Gaming" Site???? It's not like im trying to divert them from being in your forum's or anything!! i'm even a part of some of these social gaming sites so wth!?! I also see other people promote there little clan, cliques whatever they wanna call them but I get banned?? I love you nintendo but your guilty of this when I was on miiverse(gave me a warning) and to http://ffxivrealm.com/forums/beta-information.10/ your also a butt hole for doing the same to me. I forgive you two but I just would like to say. THAT WAS SOOOO PETTY!!!! I can tell people to go to your site on my group but I can't get new member's for mine??? lol. IT'S COOL!!! Thx ffxirealm for unbanning me because you know it was wrong to 1. Do it without ANY...

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