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We all know our fellow Gunslinger member, GS*Captain Scarlet. Right? He is the one you gunned with on the battlefields of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Perhaps he helped you defeat Soviet spies in GoldenEye 007. If your experience with Captain Scarlet wasn't in game, surely you know him from friendly welcomes in the Introductions section of the forums. Maybe you know him from shared conversations in chat. It is quite likely he was the very contact-adding machine who added your gamer tag onto a particular Master List. Yeah, you know him.

Well, he was keeping a secret from us.

As it turns out, Captain Scarlet has had a passion for creative writing all his life. Fueled by the influence of Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott, James Rollins and many other writers within the Action/Adventure genre, he has written and published his own novel. Captain Scarlet, otherwise known as S.J. Hailey under his penname, is the author a new book entitled The 5th Amulet.

We, the Gunslingers community, are champions of creativity, and we are proud to promote the efforts of a long-time member such as Captain Scarlet. Gunslinger Gaming, in no way, profits from sales of his book, and this advert is done out of respect and honor of someone we all feel lucky enough to call a dear friend.

Please read the description of The 5th Amulet in the author's own words:

"A ship trapped in ice.

Another buried in a rainforest river.
They contain secrets hidden by ancient explorers that reveal a myth based on truth.

A secretive group conceal a device that has not been permitted to appear in recorded history.
They will sacrifice their lives to protect it.

A father and son reunited by fate.

Archer is framed for murder, he escapes Africa and heads for Panama seeking vengeance.
He discovers a threat to his father's life from a renegade General.

They collide in Ecuador where a weapon designed to protect us could be perverted to destroy the world as we know it.

The balance of world power could shift into the hands of one merciless man."

The digital version of the novel is available through Amazon. Click the button most appropriate to your region to read more information about, view chapter excerpts from, and purchase a copy of The 5th Amulet!

Captain Scarlet would love discussion, feedback, and encouragement about the book. We are all welcome to do so in the "THE FIFTH AMULET BY CAPTAIN SCARLET" Thread!