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LFG Step 3: Create/Join Posse

Now that you have registered an account for the Gunslingers Looking-For-Games feature and, perhaps, have even joined a gaming event or two, you may wish consider rounding up a posse. A posse (think Raid Group, for example) is an excellent way to organize communications and schedule meet-up times with the fellow Gunslingers you game with the most. It is also easy to get started!

Click on the Posses link on the site’s Top Menu:

Click on Create a Group:

From that link, you will be asked to fill out some details about your Posse. Some are required for obvious reasons, while other information you can skip and fill out at your leisure at a later point.

Group Name – What is the name of your posse?

Group Description – What sort of Posse is it? Your decision, so have fun with it!

Privacy Options – Do you want it public so any fellow GSer can join? Private so people need to be invited first. Or, are you just plain old shy and want the posse hidden from view?

Group Type – Only Posse is an option at this point in time.

Group Invites – Who can send invites to join the group?

Group Forum – You can even give your posse its own forum for discussions purposes. We are branding a Posse’s forums as Camps, so you will see that terminology referenced throughout the site.

Group Avatar – Upload an avatar (image) you wish to represent your Posse, if you like.

Cover Image – You can even upload a cover image, like a background banner image common on Facebook profiles and in other social networks.

Invite Members – If you have flagged someone as your friend on the site, you will have the option to send out invites to them. The step can be skipped, and you are able to send out more general invites later.

Be sure to click on Finish to publish your Posse!

Here is an example of a resulting Posse and its Camp:

As always, remember to activate Notifications looked at the bottom of the page so you can receive push-notifications that pertain to you activities!

LFG Step 2: Create/Join an Event!

Now that you are registered (and verified), you can now create and join looking-for-game events. Here is how!

Creating an Event:

On the top menu of this site, click on “Add FLG.”

Click on the “Add New” button.

Clicking that button will give you the ability to select details about your event such as the following information:

Title of Your Event – Type what you wish in.

Group Event – If you have created a Raid Group or a member of one, you can select this event to be for just that group. Otherwise, leave the selection at its default value of “Not a Group Event” to keep the event available to all registered members. See the LFG Step 3 article for more information in regards to groups.

Time of the Event – Enter the span of time you are looking to game with other members. If it is ASAP, just check the “All Day” box.

Details – In this text box, add whatever information you would like that you believe will help others know what you are looking for. Maybe you wish to play a particular Raid in Destiny 2. Type in the raid name. You can add as little or as much as you wish…or skip this field entirely.

Category – Click on the game you wish to play with other members. If the game you wish to play is not on the list of selections yet, select Other and add the time of the game in the Details box. I will be watching for those cases and will add your “write-in” game to the list.

Event Image – What to give the event an image? Go for it! Otherwise, you are free to skip this option.

Bookings/Registration – Check the box if you want to track interest in your LFG session. While not necessary, it is recommended that you do so you can receive notifications when someone responses to your event.

Submit Event – Don’t forget to hit that button once you are done setting up your event!

The event will automatically be listed on the front page and all LFG related pages of this site. Everyone who has notifications enabled will also receive a Push-Notification. Other tools, such as Twitter and Discord echoing are in development.

Speaking of notifications, don’t forget to enable your notifications by clicking the link to do so at the bottom of this site page!

LFG Step 1: Register!

Welcome to the BETA version of the Hitching Post, the extended community features for members!

You are probably wondering, “Wait. I am already registered over at Why am I registering again? Fair question.

To utilize the features of Looking For Games tools, you need to create an account that can add/join events (LFGs), self maintained raid groups (wrangling posses), & receive push notifications. We are working on creating a bridge between the two databases but, for the time being, an additional registration is necessary.

Registration works the same way at the Hitching Post as it does all across the internet. It is strongly advised that you fill out all the platform user name information that applies to you to make it easier for other Gunslingers to join your in your LFG activity.

Check our other blog posts for information regarding creating LFG events & wrangling posses.